Abby's Story

Remembering Abby

Abrielle “Abby” Wunsch, was a high spirited 9-year-old not unlike any other grade 4 kid. She loved to have fun. She was constantly laughing and had a HUGE smile that infected everyone around her. Some of her favorite things were playing with her friends, dressing up and performing, singing, camping, riding her bike, being crafty, going to school and skiing.

Abby started skiing when she was almost 3 years old. She loved her first day on snow and she quickly learned the sport and loved being on the ski hill.

In 2014, when she was 8, Abby started with a race club in a Racing Program at the U-10 level. She loved the club, her coaches and the other kids; she loved the winter out at Nakiska and the sport. There was never a day on the snow that Abby wasn’t cracking jokes with her coach, laughing with her teammates, and skiing around the mountain with the biggest smile on her face. She was out on the snow for almost 40 days in her first year racing. There was no turning back after that!

The 2015/16 ski season started early with dryland training in September. That year Abby started in a higher level and a new team: U-10+. There she was with a lot of old friends, but also met new friends, new coaches and continued her love for skiing. She was super excited about the new challenges this season would bring.

But on December 6, 2015, our lives changed forever; Abby had an accident that would instantly take the life from her. She was off with her group and took a wrong turn into a tree. The great team of ski patrollers, EMTs, and STARS Air ambulance group work extensively to keep her with us, and from their remarkable efforts, we were allowed a few last hours to stay with Abby and say goodbye.

We will carry her legacy

one turn at a time,
down every mountain we conquer.

Each arc we carve into the snow
will resemble

her smile

and her genuine
passion for the sport.

In fond memory of

Abrielle 'Abby' Wunsch


Here's a tribute to Abby by her family and the ski community.

Abby Award Tribute Video Cover

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